CAPE Global specializes in using the new SAP General Ledger to assist with the transition to IFRS.
CAPE Global has both accounting expertise and unrivalled SAP knowledge. We are the authors of two SAP Press books featured at SAP conferences ‘Transitioning to IFRS in SAP ERP Financials’ and ‘Migrate Successfully to the SAP General Ledger’.  We were also speakers on IFRS and migration at SAP Financials 2011, 2012 and 2013.
At present, we are assisting many companies in several countries with the transition to IFRS. For companies using the classic SAP General Ledger this requires a migration project and we are the migration experts. Many of our consultants are bi-lingual with the experience of transitioning to IFRS in Europe and Latin America.

If you are looking for a consulting partner to assist with your transition to IFRS we are unique as we have the accounting expertise, the SAP technical knowledge and the invaluable experience of having successfully provided these services to many of our customers worldwide.