About Us

CAPE Global Consulting was founded in 1997. Within two years, our client list included several of the largest Fortune 500 companies, and our consultants were recognized for their quality. Our main competitive advantage over other consulting firms is that the founders are consultants and can therefore attract and recruit other high quality consultants.

We achieved the rapid sales growth mainly through word of mouth and obtaining additional services from our existing clients who were so pleased with our successful projects. We now focus on transitioning to IFRS using the new SAP General Ledger and it is critical that these projects are managed correctly by a consulting company with knowledge and experience: 

Knowledge:  One of the founders of CAPE Global Consulting Paul Theobald is the author of the books published by SAP Press titled ‘Transitioning to IFRS in SAP ERP Financials’ and 'Migrate Successfully to the SAP General Ledger‘.  

  CAPE Global Consulting has successfully completed transitions to IFRS and migrations for multinational companies including one of the first migrations with document splitting and parallel ledgers. We have excellent client references from all of our projects and can arrange meetings/visits for potential clients.


Executives in the company include: Paul Theobald, CEO. Eduardo Jure, Latin America CEO and Courtney Sommer, COO.